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In order to keep uniformity within the resort and because the apartment will represent the resort, we require a certain standard of finishings and items to be included in the property for rental guests.

For anyone who has chosen the Imperial furniture package or the move-in package will automatically qualify for the ‘Full Management’ service, however for those just taking the starter furniture package then you will need to upgrade to one of the other furniture packages, to make sure there are sufficient turn-key items included.

Before the property is entered into the Full management program it will be inspected by one of the team and an itinerary will be completed. Any items required will be communicated back to you and these can be added at a cost to get the property ready to be added to the market.


For those joining the Full management program, we require that we are able to rent out the apartment in advance for bookings, so it would be needed to have access to rentals for a significant time of the year. We also require that should you wish to use the property for private usage, you give us at least 3 months’ notice in advance so that we can block these dates out for you.

Before making travel plans, please contact the management team to make sure the property is available and not booked.


We will provide a full welcome at reception for each guest’s arrival, including a relaxed check-in and arrival drink. We will ensure all the legal requirements are covered for each check in and that the guest is fully registered as per the Egyptian rental laws.

The reception services will be available to your guests 24 hours a day and any assistance they require. They can contact reception directly for any issues with their room and it will be handled onsite without the need to contact, you, the owner directly.

 All onsite services will be available to these clients as it would the owner, including complimentary gym usage for all checked-in guests


On each checkout, the management team will inspect the apartment for obvious damages or missing/broken items and where possible will charge the guest for the replacement.

They will also ensure that taps are closed, AC units and all utilities are turned off between guests’ arrivals, to keep the costs down as low as possible.

For apartments that are empty for any length, a monthly inspection will take place to ensure that everything is ok and there are no internal issues.  


The full management includes full deep cleaning of each apartment for each booking and the cleaning and changing of towels and bed linen.

The cleaning and housekeeping are part of the service for any bookings that come via the full management programme, if you are privately using or renting the property, then any cleaning or housekeeping services will need to be paid for separately using our ‘key handling’ programme.


Any basic repairs will be carried out without contacting you and light bulbs will be replaced without charge. Small items such as kettles, toasters, cutlery and utensils (Not large items) will be replaced immediately to avoid the clients’ discomfort. This can be paid as an extra cost by you or it can be deducted from your rental income, we will agree this with you at the time.

We keep a stock of common items which means repairs/replacements can be actioned with minimum delay. Any larger items or work required will only be actioned on communication and agreement with you regarding the costs.

 As time goes on, you may wish to arrange a paint refresh for wear and tear purposes, we can arrange a quote for this and this can be done in the low season when the property is quieter.


Owners are responsible for the payment of utility bills and maintenance fees. Maintenance is already paid 5 years in advance, so you do not have ongoing payments for this.

For the utility bills, the management team will top it up for you when it runs out/ runs low and this will be deducted from the income and shown in your rental sheet. The management team will not bother you with this, they will top it up, keep the proof of top-up in your file and it will show on your quarterly statement.

 As the management team is based on-site, we aim to keep things as smooth as possible and have minimal interruption to your clients and yourselves.


We will sell directly to the public and we will also use a range of portals to gain bookings from private travel providers and various other sources. From time to time to increase bookings we may carry out offers and we will keep an eye on the market and competition to price fairly and to encourage as much income as possible for the rentals. During certain seasons and holidays, there may be more income than in other quieter periods.

Therefore, payments will differ on your statement depending on when the client books and to take into consideration any offers or deals.


For each booking, the management deducts 30% commission from the income received to market, manage and process the booking, provide a range of services for the client, clean the apartment and linen and provide a comprehensive list of services.

The 30% is deducted from the total amount of income received.

The deduction of the utility bills will be from your 70% commission on the income received.


 The booking is £300 for the week

The marketing portal charges 10% (£30)

The taxes added (by portal default) to the customers booking is £50

The customer pays £350 to the booking portal.

The income received into the Imperial Resorts management account after costs and taxes is £270 (The rest is taxes and portal charges)


30% of £270 = £81 to the Imperial Resorts management (This is to cover check-in / out, the cleaning, linen, reception services, gym and all other services mentioned)

70% of £270 = £189 to the owner (This is the income back to the owner and the only deduction is the utility costs).


Owners’ accounts are produced every 3 months, end of the quarter each year falls on the

  • 31st of March
  • 30th of June
  • 30th of September
  • 31st of December

Owners will receive a copy of their quarterly statement; any income will be paid into their specified bank account.

To save you money on international exchanges rates, we can assist you in setting up an account in Egypt when you are visiting or if you choose to have income transferred into a UK account then any costs incurred for this (International transfer fees) will be deducted from your account or payment on sending.


There is an annual tax payable yearly for all clients and it needs to be paid to the government annually. It is a very small tax and our management team will be able to handle the paperwork and visit the government office on your behalf to pay this for you and the cost for this will be the cost of the tax plus £50 to cover the administration, time and travel to the office.


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